Scotland fans ‘will buy 360,000 pints during first Euros match’

The Scottish Beer and Pub Association estimates hundreds of thousands of pints will be sold on Monday in Scotland.

Scotland fans ‘will buy 360,000 pints during first Euros match’ iStock

Scotland fans will buy 360,000 pints when Scotland play the Czech Republic in their opening match of Euro 2020, a trades body has predicted.

However, the Scottish Beer and Pub Association (SBPA) believes sales during the match will be almost 90,000 pints less than if the game against the Czech Republic was shown without coronavirus restrictions.

Overall, the trade association estimates 800,000 pints will be sold on Monday in Scotland, with 360,000 of those being sold during the game itself.

Emma McClarkin, SBPA chief executive, said: “Nothing beats watching the football at the pub. We expect Scotland fans to buy 360,000 pints when in the pub watching Scotland play the Czech Republic.

“Unfortunately, the current restrictions on pubs do mean the experience isn’t going to be the same.

“No standing and limits on group sizes, as well as social distancing, are going to severely reduce the number of people who can enjoy the game in the pub.

“More and more people are getting the vaccine each day.

“It’s time for the restrictions on our freedoms to be replaced by the protection of the vaccination and for businesses and life to get back to normal.

“The countdown to freedom is on.”

Restrictions in force include one-metre plus social distancing, no standing and the rule of six.

A survey of 1000 pub-goers by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and KAM Media found 85% of these football fans believe the current restrictions will negatively affect their experience of watching the Euros.

Half said they would be more likely to watch matches at their pub if all restrictions on venues were lifted, despite 91% of football fans saying they missed watching matches at a boozer during lockdown.