Queen to appoint next prime minister at Balmoral in historic first

Prime ministers have traditionally been appointed at Buckingham Palace.

Queen to appoint next prime minister at Balmoral in Scotland in historic first iStock

The Queen will appoint the next prime minister at Balmoral for the first time in her reign.

By Royal tradition, the Queen has called would-be prime ministers to Buckingham Palace for their appointments.

During this process, she will ask them whether they will form a government.

It is guided by constitutional conventions, with the main requirement being to find someone who can command the confidence of the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson will travel to Balmoral on Tuesday, September 6, where he will officially resign as prime minister.

His successor – either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak – will then meet with the Queen to be appointed.

They will become the fifteenth prime ministers during her reign.

A Palace spokesman on Wednesday confirmed the decision to receive the Prime Minister and his successor at Balmoral.

Mobility issues have limited the appearances and travel being made by the Queen.

In May, she missed the Queen’s Speech, which was delivered by Prince Charles for the first time.