Police pay out nearly £1m to former constable over misogynistic culture

A settlement, including a payment of £947,909.07, has been agreed with Rhona Malone.

Police Scotland pays out nearly £1m to former constable Rhona Malone over ‘horrific’ culture

Police Scotland has paid out nearly £1m to former constable Rhona Malone after an employment tribunal found a “horrific” culture of misogyny in the force.

Multiple victimisation claims under the Equality Act 2010 were upheld in favour of Rhona Malone in a judgement issued on October 5, 2021.

Now a settlement, including a payment of £947,909.07, has been agreed which will conclude the former firearms officer’s legal claim.

The tribunal ruled that there was an “absolute boys’ club” culture within a Police Scotland armed response vehicles (ARV) unit.

In a judgement, the culture in the east of Scotland unit was “horrific”.

Police Scotland’s chief constable has provided a personal apology to Ms Malone for the serious issues highlighted in the tribunal’s judgment, including Police Scotland’s poor response when a “dedicated and promising” officer raised legitimate concerns.

The chief constable said he had a personal commitment to leading change in policing in Scotland to drive equality and inclusion to improve the experiences of all women, including its own officers and staff.

On Friday, he reiterated this apology and commitment.

In the days after the judgement was issued, the chief constable made a commitment to commission an external police service to carry out an independent review of the employment tribunal decision and make any recommendations which require action by Police Scotland whether they relate to performance, conduct, or culture.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is finalising that work.