No limit on amount of daily exercise Scots can take

The First Minister announced people can go outside for exercise as many times a day as they like from Monday.

Scots will be able to go outside for exercise as many times a day as they like, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s press briefing, the First Minister stressed all other lockdown rules had not changed.

Previously, people were restricted to only going out for exercise – such as walking, running or cycling – once a day.

Sturgeon said that limit will now be removed from Monday after the Scottish cabinet met earlier on Sunday to agree the move.

But she said this would not be an excuse to meet up with others socially, such as at parks or beaches.

People are still not allowed to meet people from other households, the First Minister reiterated.

Scots must continue to observe social distancing guidelines while out for exercise, she said, keeping at least two metres apart from others.

After speaking with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the First Minister confirmed she had asked the UK Government not deploy its new “stay alert” message north of the border.

Sturgeon said the advice from her government remains to “stay at home” other than for buying food, getting medicine or exercising.

More to follow.