No coronavirus deaths in Scotland in the last 24 hours

It means the death toll stays at 4161 including presumed Covid deaths.

No coronavirus deaths in Scotland in the last 24 hours Getty Images

Zero deaths of people with coronavirus in Scotland have been reported in the last 24 hours.

It means the death toll stays at 2088 among confirmed Covid-19 patients, although rises to 4161 if presumed Covid deaths are included.

There have been 11 new cases of the virus recorded in the last day.

It takes the total number of positive cases in Scotland to 18,287.

Exactly 700 people are being treated in Scottish hospitals with Covid or Covid symptoms, a rise of 30 on the day before.

However, it is still among the lowest levels of coronavirus patients recorded since late March.

Of that 700, a total of 19 are being treated in intensive care – an increase of seven but entirely from suspected cases, not confirmed ones.

In total, 4092 patients who were hospitalised with the virus have been able to go home to continue recovering.

In Dumfries and Galloway, where public health officials have identified a cross-border cluster of cases with north-west England, one new case has been recorded overnight.

It takes new Covid patients in the health board area – which was previously seeing only a tiny number of new cases – to eight this week.