More than 8000 Scots apply to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes

People across the UK have been urged to host people who have left Ukraine.

More than 8000 Scots apply to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes under UK Government scheme iStock

More than 8000 people in Scotland have expressed an interest in welcoming Ukrainian refugees to their homes, according to official figures.

The UK Government has urged people across the UK to sign up to become sponsors and help host those fleeing from the invasion of Russia under the ‘Home for Ukraine‘ scheme.

As of 10am on Thursday, March 17, a total of 147,513 applications for the scheme have been made across the UK.

There have been 8,625 applications in Scotland, the figures show.

In England, there has been 122,390 applications, with 10,236 in Wales and 6262 applications in Northern Ireland.

Scottish secretary Alister Jack said the statistics show an “extraordinary generosity and empathy” with people in Ukraine.

“Scotland has a proud history of welcoming refugees,” said the UK Cabinet minister.

“It is great news that more than 8000 Scottish individuals and families have expressed interest in welcoming Ukrainian refugees.

“It shows extraordinary generosity and empathy with people in Ukraine, who are facing the most appalling and difficult circumstances.

“My sincere thanks go to all of them, as well as the many community and statutory organisations who will help match people and support them when they get here.

“Of course, not everyone will be in a position to host refugees themselves, but there are plenty of other ways to help.”