Jason Leitch wins award for contributions to science

Scotland's national clinical director has been recognised with a 2020 Fletcher of Saltoun Award.

Jason Leitch wins award for contributions to science STV News

Jason Leitch has been recognised with a 2020 Fletcher of Saltoun Award for his contributions to science.

Scotland’s national clinical director has been named as the fourth of six recipients this year.

The Saltire Society, which runs the awards, said he has been recognised for his application of scientific method to a major public health issue.

The organisation added Prof Leitch’s scientific skills have been of enormous public benefit.

It commended him for his skill in making scientific knowledge accessible, his calmness and leadership in a time of crisis and his “evident deep understanding” of both scientific and public issues.

The society said his contribution to the application of science in a critically difficult time has been a model of excellence.

Sarah Mason, director of the Saltire Society, said:  “Jason Leitch has been a steady voice in a time of uncertainty, his calm and clear approach to disseminating information while being understanding to the general public’s worries has been admirable.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to recognise Jason Leitch’s work with the 2020 Fletcher of Saltoun Award for Science.”

Prof Leitch said:  “I can’t believe there is much good news inside a global pandemic but what a wonderful honour and privilege you’ve given me.

“It is a great honour to accept this award on behalf of frankly not just me but my broader family and also all of those who have cared for people who have been sick and everybody who has stepped up to do more than they conventionally would have had to during this really difficult time.

“So thank you so much again.”

Other recipients announced so far include Devi Sridhar, a professor and chairwoman of global public health at the University of Edinburgh; Wilson McLeod, a professor of Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh, and Lesley Riddoch, a Scottish radio broadcaster, activist and journalist who lives in Fife.

Established in 1988, the Fletcher of Saltoun Awards form part of the Saltire Society’s annual awards programme, which seeks to recognise outstanding contributions to Scottish society.