Inquiry launched into impact of pandemic on Scotland’s airports

The Scottish Affairs Committee will examine the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on airports.

Inquiry launched into impact of pandemic on Scotland’s airports iStock

The impact of coronavirus on Scotland’s airports will be investigated by Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee.

MPs will examine the consequences of the pandemic in relation to the aviation sector, airports’ local communities and the environmental concerns about air travel.

The inquiry has been launched amid major disruption due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, with passenger numbers falling drastically.

Scottish Affairs Committee chairman Pete Wishart said: “Airports in Scotland are a lifeline for many rural communities and for people travelling to different parts of the UK and further afield.

“In a turbulent 18 months for airports with the Covid-19 pandemic, our committee is keen to explore what impact reduced numbers of flights have had on communities and how this has impacted the local job market.

“In the year of Scotland hosting COP26, and appetite to tackle harmful emissions, we are also seeking evidence on how the carbon footprint of airports can be reduced.”

The committee is inviting written submissions by October 6, asking for evidence of the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on Scottish airports, communities and the tourism industry.

It also wants responses about the level of investment in the infrastructure around airports and what schemes are in place to reduce the carbon footprint of airports.