Escalation in police pay dispute avoided ahead of further talks

A pay offer for police officers in Scotland has been rejected.

Escalation in police pay dispute avoided ahead of further talks iStock

A dispute over police officer pay in Scotland will not be escalated ahead of further talks taking place.

Callum Steele, general secretary of the Scottish Police Federation (SPF), confirmed that the dispute would not be ramped up, despite a deadline for an improved pay offer to be made having passed.

A blanket wage increase of 1.4% for most officers and 2% for new recruits was rejected by the SPF.

The body, which represents police in Scotland, has called for an increase of 3.4%.

They had warned that unless there was a “significant percentage improved offer” was made by Friday, August 5, the SPF would escalate its dispute actions.

However, in a letter, Steele told SPF members that following informal dialogue, the SPF is confident that there will be a return to the negotiating table in the coming days.

“I can advise that at this time no such improved offer has been forthcoming,” he wrote.

“However, informal dialogue between the sides has taken place and the substance of those informal discussion are such as to derive confidence that the official side will be in a position to return to the negotiating table in a serious and meaningful manner within a matter of days.

“At this time therefore, the SPF has indicated that it could be counterproductive to this positive development if that further escalation was to take place at this time.

“Should a serious and meaningful return to the negotiating table by the official side not take place, the SPF has made clear that escalation will be executed accordingly.

“I will of course keep you updated on any further developments on this matter.”