Dad and daughter surgeons operate together for first time

Rosie and Roger Hackney, 64, got to spend some family time together in the operating room as they performed keyhole surgery.

Dad and daughter surgeons operate together for first time Supplied

A father and daughter duo operated together for the first time as they performed shoulder surgery.

Rosie Hackney, an orthopaedic registrar based at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, performed keyhole surgery alongside her father Roger, an orthopaedic consultant, at Nuffield Hospital in Leeds on Tuesday, March 1.

The pair got to spend some family time together in the operating room, while they performed arthroscopic surgery to a shoulder.

Rosie, 30, said it was a “special” moment to be able to operate alongside her dad, and hopes to inspire other father daughter ‘teams’.

She said: “My father works in Leeds, and I was down visiting as that is where I am from, although I usually work in Edinburgh.

“He asked if I could be his assistant for the day, and I was more than happy to accept.

“My dad introduced me to the patient first as his assistant, and then as his daughter!

“They seemed pretty enthusiastic about it.

“I can imagine it is not something they have had before, but the surgery went very well.

“I was naturally quite nervous, but I fell into that element of professional once we started, and we clicked into not father daughter mode, but just surgeons working together.

“He was very reassuring, and it was amazing to watch him work.

“It was a very special moment, and it was also a proud moment for my mum when I showed her the picture.

“It would be great if other father daughter teams could be inspired by this.”

Rosie hopes to inspire more father daughter 'teams'.Supplied

Rosie, who finished medical school in 2016, said she was ‘inspired’ to get into orthopaedics after seeing how much how her father got to help people.

She added: “My dad is always someone who has been very happy with his career.

“He would always talk about helping patients, and making people better, and I realised that is wanted to do.

“You always look up to your parents, and this inspired me.

“He was always very open about what I wanted to do, and after going through university I realised being an orthopaedic surgeon was for me.

“I would happily work with him everyday.”