Court orders to quarantine Scots believed to have coronavirus

Health boards have the power to restrict the movements of anyone thought to be infected.

Court orders to quarantine Scots believed to have coronavirus Getty Images

Health boards in Scotland can apply for court orders to quarantine and test those suspected of having coronavirus.

A Scotland-specific accompaniment to the UK Government’s plan for dealing with the spread of Covid-19 said health boards have powers to place restrictions on the activities of individuals known to have the disease, or have been exposed to the disease.

They could prohibit them from entering or remaining in any place.

The full plan was published by the UK Government on Tuesday morning. It warned that a fifth of workers could be off sick at the same time.

So far, there is one confirmed case of coronavirus in Scotland.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “As well as the four nations’ Action Plan published today, we have also published tailored guidance for Scotland’s unique landscape.

“Much of this planning is based on reasonable worst-case scenarios which will be refined as our understanding of the virus develops, but it is vital that we are well equipped to deal with all possibilities as this outbreak grows globally.”

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