Coronavirus worldwide death toll now above one million

Experts fear the true death toll from Covid-19 is much higher than official figures suggest.

Coronavirus worldwide death toll now above one million Getty Images

More than one million people worldwide have now died from coronavirus.

Deaths in the US, India and Brazil make up nearly half the total, research by Johns Hopkins University found.

The tally comes from nations’ official reporting, but experts believe the true figure is probably much higher.

Covid-19 has so far been mentioned on around 4250 death certificates in Scotland, around a tenth of the UK-wide toll.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres described passing the one million mark as “an agonising milestone”.

He said: “We must never lose sight of each and every life.

“As the hunt for a vaccine — affordable and available to all — continues, let’s honour their memory by working together to defeat this virus.”

The pandemic first began to emerge from China around ten months ago, and has since spread to 188 countries.

More than 32m cases of the virus have been officially reported worldwide.