Coronavirus: Sturgeon issues warning to pubs refusing to close

The First Minister said pubs and clubs who had not yet shut were 'putting lives at risk'.

Coronavirus: Sturgeon issues warning to pubs refusing to close

Nicola Sturgeon has issued a warning to venues which are refusing to close despite her calls to shutdown during coronavirus outbreak.

The First Minister took to Twitter to thank pubs and restaurants across the country that took measures to close following her speech on Friday.

However, Sturgeon also said those who had not yet shut were putting lives at risk.

‘Lives are at risk as a result – please do the right thing now.’

Nicola Sturgeon

She said: “My thanks to the vast majority of pubs etc that have complied with @scotgov request to close.

“I’m seeing some suggestions on here that a small minority might not be complying.

“If that’s true, make no mistake…lives are at risk as a result.

“Please do the right thing now.”

Popular city streets were almost deserted on Saturday as majority of bars, restaurants and cafes closed their doors in a response to the spread of Covid-19.

However, a number of pubs and clubs across Scotland have ignored government advice and stayed open – with many videos of busy bars popping up all over social media.

It comes as a seventh patient diagnosed with coronavirus died in Scotland on Saturday and the number of cases increased to 373.

While venues have already been told to shut to help curb the spread of the disease, Sturgeon said Scots could face “even stricter and more difficult” measures as part of the fight against the outbreak.