Archives: Scottish schools issued with coronavirus guidelines

NHS Scotland has issued guidelines to schools across the country over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Archives: Scottish schools issued with coronavirus guidelines STV

Schools have been told there is “no need to close” if any pupils or staff are showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Preparations are being stepped up across Scotland as more and more positive cases are declared in mainland Europe and the rest of the UK.

Steps which should be taken in schools to avoid the virus spreading have now been released by NHS Scotland.

The advice details how teachers and staff can best deal with the issue and what measures to take to avoid it spreading among pupils and relatives at home.

Schools have been advised to contact their local health protection team for advice if anyone is showing symptoms before issuing any wider communications while also bearing in mind the confidentiality of the person who is unwell.

There is no further action school staff should take until the test results are known, and then the individual will be given advice on if and when they should return.

However if any child, pupil, student or staff member within the institution is diagnosed with COVID-19 then further action will be taken to identify anyone who had been in close contact .

Anyone thought to have been in contact with someone showing symptoms who has since been diagnosed will be asked to self-isolate at home.

Who is considered a ‘contact’?

  • Any child, pupil, student or staff member in close face-to-face or touching contact with the patient;
  • Those working alongside them within two metres for 15 minutes or longer;
  • Anyone who has talked to them or has been coughed;
  • Anyone who has cleaned up any bodily fluids of the individual;
  • Close friendship groups and any child, pupil, student or staff member living in the same household as a confirmed case.

Any pupil, student or staff member who has visited any of the worst affected or category 1 risk areas since February 19, but who are not showing symptoms, should isolate themselves for around 14 days.

Further information and advice issued to schools by NHS Scotland over the coronavirus scare can be found here.