£6 steak bake: If everything was like energy, how much would it cost?

Ofgem has confirmed an 80.06% rise in the energy price cap - but what if everything else had increased at the same rate?

£6 for a steak bake: How much would everyday items cost if they rose in line with energy? iStock

The energy price cap will rise again in October, sending the average household’s yearly bill from £1,971 to £3,549.

The cap increased for approximately 22 million customers on April 1, a rise of 54%. Those on default tariffs paying by direct debit saw an increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year. 

It was then announced on Friday morning that the cap will increase again in October – this time by 80% to £3,549.

That means energy prices will have risen by some 178% from last winter.

STV News looks at how much other items – such as groceries, cinema tickets and a pint of beer – would cost had their prices increased at the same rate as gas and electricity.

In the supermarket

Bread 800g54p£1.50
Milk 4 pints£1.27£3.53
Pasta 500g53p£1.47
Cheese 255g85p£2.36
Tea 125g88p£2.44
Ham 200g£1.64£4.55
Crisps 150g83p£2.30
Rice 1000g92p£2.55
Beef mince 500g£2.34£6.50
Chicken breast 600g£3.50£9.73
Vegetable oil£1.78£4.95
Baked beans 400g31p86p
Potatoes 2,500g75p£2.01
Chips 900g£1.16£3.22
Orange juice 1,000ml72p£2
Tomato ketchup 460g61p£1.70
Onions 1,000g67p£1.86
Bananas (pack of five)74p£2.06

At the petrol station (pence per litre)

Unleaded petrol170.97475.29
Super unleaded petrol183.73510.76
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)82.82230.24

Going out

Adult ticket for Rangers match at Ibrox from £29from £80.62
Adult ticket for Celtic match at Celtic Park from £32from £88.96
Cinema ticket£5.99£16.65
Pint of beer£4.09£11.37
Glass of wine 175ml£4.13£11.48
Big Mac at McDonald’s£3.69£10.26
Greggs steak bake£2.10£5.84
Netflix £10.99 a month£30.55
Sky Q, Sky TV and Netflix£26 a month£72.28
Freddo 18g25p70p

Buying a house

Average house price in Scotland£192,000£533,760