Tories say manifesto policies will create 200,000 jobs

The Scottish Conservatives say upgrades to and the reopening of railway lines would create 51,600 jobs.

Tories say manifesto policies will create 200,000 jobs STV News

The proposals outlined in the Scottish Conservative manifesto would create 200,000 jobs in the next five years, the party has said.

Infrastructure policies, which include upgrades to and the reopening of railway lines, would create the most with 51,600 jobs.

Job security councils, which would create a network of groups across the country to find new work for those who have been recently laid off, would create 31,900, while investment in energy efficiency are estimated to find employment for 24,000 people.

Party leader Douglas Ross said the plans – which were announced on Monday – are “bold and ambitious”.

He said: “We have outlined a detailed blueprint to get Scotland’s economy moving again and start repairing the damage from Covid.

“Restrictions could be safely eased at a faster pace now to kick-start the economy, and Scottish Conservative proposals would help businesses get back on their feet so they can protect current jobs and start creating the jobs of the future.

“The looming jobs crisis must be treated as an economic emergency and tackled urgently by a Scottish Parliament 100% focused on Scotland’s recovery.

“If pro-UK voters unite and give their party list votes on the peach ballot paper to the Scottish Conservatives, we can stop an SNP majority, stop another referendum and get all of the focus back on to rebuilding Scotland.”

The party’s housebuilding plans are slated to create jobs for 16,400 people, while a new enterprise Bill – which would create an economic development agency in each region of the country – would mean employment for 19,400 Scots.