Tories call for action as Scotland roads ‘plagued by potholes’

There were more than 20,000 potholes recorded in the last year, according to figures.

Tories call for action as Scotland roads ‘plagued by potholes’ iStock

Scotland’s roads are “plagued by potholes”, the Scottish Conservatives have claimed, as figures show the number is five times higher than when the SNP came to power.

There were a total of 20,988 potholes recorded across the country in 2020-21, according to figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives.

That is down slightly on the previous year’s total of 21,115 – but compares to just 3981 in 2007-08, the year the SNP first formed the government.

The figures were revealed in an answer to a written parliamentary question from the Conservatives.

To help deal with the problem, the Tories demanded ministers to set up a dedicated £200m Pothole Fund for road maintenance over the course of this parliamentary term.

Conservative local government spokesman Miles Briggs said the figures “reveal the stark decline in the state of Scotland’s roads under the SNP”.

Briggs said: “Streets all over the country are plagued by potholes. The impact on family finances is substantial, driving up the costs of owning a car.

“We are calling for a £200m Pothole Fund over the course of the Parliament so that local areas can take direct action to halt the spiralling condition of our roads under the SNP.”