Sturgeon’s ‘stark reminder’ not to drop guard against Covid-19

Parts of Australia have returned to lockdown following a rise in new coronavirus cases.

Sturgeon’s ‘stark reminder’ not to drop guard against Covid-19 Getty Images

Nicola Sturgeon is urging Scots not to drop their guard against coronavirus after parts of Australia returned to lockdown in response to a rise in new cases.

The First Minister has issued the warning following the reopening of beer gardens and outdoor spaces across Scotland as part of lockdown easing measures.

On Tuesday morning, Sturgeon retweeted a story of the fresh lockdown in Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell, stating: “A stark reminder that we must not drop our guard against Covid. 

“Five million people in and around Melbourne back in strict lockdown for six weeks. Stay safe.”

At the Scottish Government’s daily press briefing on Monday, the First Minister urged people to comply with measures put in place by bars and cafes, including providing contact information.

She stated: “If you are not willing to do that, you really shouldn’t bother going at all.”

Sturgeon advised those heading out to avoid crowded areas, adding: “If you go to a bar or a restaurant outside right now, if it feels totally normal, exactly like it was before this pandemic, then something is wrong.”