Sturgeon: We must continue lockdown for at least three weeks

The First Minister said her 'clear advice' is that Scotland will extend its lockdown until at least May.

Nicola Sturgeon has said she backs extending the coronavirus lockdown for at least three weeks.

Speaking at a virtual session of First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, she said she will attend a COBRA meeting with UK counterparts later on plans to extend the lockdown.

The First Minister made clear that whatever other governments in the UK choose to do, Scotland “must continue the lockdown measures for at least another three weeks”, up to early May.

But she added that an exit strategy on the lockdown would be developed over the next week before being shared with the public.

The FM said: “Unfortunately lockdown is going to continue beyond this week.

“COBRA will meet later on and other governments will have to make their own decisions.

“My clear advice is that we must continue the lockdown measures for at least another three weeks.”

Sturgeon said the current lockdown measures are working but added: “We are by no means through this yet.”

She continued: “I’m as keen as anyone to lift these restrictions, but I will not begin to do so until I am convinced that we have done as much as is necessary to suppress the virus and we have a clear plan in place to continue to contain it once these measures do start to be lifted.”