Starmer: ‘Divisive’ IndyRef2 is not the way forward

Starmer does not agree with Boris Johnson's assessment that there should be a 40-year wait.

Starmer: ‘Divisive’ IndyRef2 is not the way forward Getty Images

Keir Starmer does not believe IndyRef2 would be the “way forward” for Scotland despite admitting that the current system “wasn’t working”.

The Labour leader said that such a conclusion should not necessarily lead to a “divisive” independence referendum and that a positive case can be made for the future of the union.

However, Starmer said he did not back the Prime Minister’s assessment that there should not be another vote on Scotland’s future for at least 40 years.

He told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: “I don’t think there should be another referendum, I don’t think a further divisive referendum is the way forward.

“But I do accept that the status quo isn’t working. I don’t accept the argument that the status quo isn’t working, the next thing you do is go to a referendum.

“I think there are other things you can do, other arguments that can be made in support of the United Kingdom.”

Asked about Boris Johnson’s 40-year position, Sir Keir replied: “I heard the Prime Minister say that and I don’t agree with him on that.”