SNP member criticised over derogatory soft play remarks

An SNP source said that Kat Cary was not, and does not, speak for the party.

SNP member criticised over derogatory soft play remarks STV News

A member of the SNP has apologised after making derogatory remarks about children’s soft play centres.

Kat Cary, who is the women’s officer at the Edinburgh Central SNP branch, tweeted the comments in response to coverage by STV News of a protest by soft play owners outside of the Scottish Parliament earlier this week.

In her tweet, Cary wrote: “Stay closed forever you over-priced, disease-ridden, wreaking-of-p**s nightmare of a children’s birthday party venue.

“Give me roller rinks, mini golf, or bowling every day of the week. S**t, my son turns ten next month…”

In a further tweet, she said: “You won’t lose your job because of your privately held beliefs, but you might lose your job based on your inappropriate actions and attitudes. It’s not that difficult to understand.”

An SNP source said that Cary was not, and does not, speak for the party, adding that she regrets the tweets.

In a statement, Cary said: “My tweet was intended to be tongue-in-cheek after a bad experience, but it was misguided and insensitive. I have deleted the tweet and I am sorry for offence caused.”

The comments were criticised by the Scottish Softplay owners group, who said they were “disgusted”.

They said: “This is the continued prejudice we are up against within the SNP. We can open safely through our guidance and await the SNP seeing sense and allowing us to reopen and trade again.

“We are disgusted that an SNP employee is allowed to talk in such a derogatory manner about any business – it goes to show what they actually think.”