Sexism row after depute provost not invited to drinks

The SNP's Julie Ford accused Tory counterpart Mick Green in a series of tweets.

Accusations: Julie Ford and Mick Green.
Accusations: Julie Ford and Mick Green.

The depute provost of Fife Council has accused a Conservative councillor of sexism after she wasn’t invited to after-work drinks.

In a series of tweets on Friday, SNP’s Julie Ford alleged that a councillor, later confirmed as Conservative Mick Green, didn’t invite her to the get-together due to her having a child “to get home to”.

In the tweets, Ford wrote: “After full council yesterday, a Tory councillor invited a male SNP councillor out for a drink with other male councillors. I asked if there was a no-women policy but was ignored.

“A Labour councillor then piped in that it was ‘ex-military only’, before I quickly pointed out three out of six going weren’t ex-military.

“Said Tory councillor then finally caught up with me and clarified that he didn’t ask me as I have a ‘wee one’ to get home to.

“So glad I got the clarity. I totally forgot that we’re in the 1950s and women look after the children and home while men go to the pub.

“The Tory in question then pointed to a 69-plate Land Rover and said ‘you can tell this is a Tory councillor’s car. Brand new and expensive’. Welcome to 21st-century Scottish Tories.”

Councillor Green responded that he hadn’t meant the comment maliciously.

He said: “I was referring to her as a competent mother, that’s all.”

Story by local democracy reporter Emma O’Neill