Douglas Ross withdraws letter calling for Boris Johnson's resignation

Douglas Ross wrote to the 1922 Committee chairman looking to trigger a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross withdraws letter calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation STV News

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has withdrawn his letter looking to trigger a no confidence vote in Boris Johnson.

Ross wrote to the 1922 Committee chairman after saying the Prime Minister’s position was “no longer tenable” after it was revealed he attended a gathering at Downing Street in May, 2020.

It followed turbulent months for Johnson as he became engulfed in the partygate scandal.

But, Ross said, with the international crisis in Ukraine, the only removal from office he thought should be being discussed was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s.

Johnson was invited to appear at the Scottish Conservative Party Conference this month but had originally been expected to attend virtually only.

The dates clash with the Tory’s spring conference in Blackpool.

However, he is now expected to appear in person to speak about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Ross’ withdrawal of his 1922 Committee letter is a further sign rifts in the party are healing following frosty relations caused by the alleged lockdown-breaking parties.

Ross said: “The middle of an international crisis is not the time to be discussing resignations, unless it’s the removal from office of Vladimir Putin.

“There will be a time and place to debate partygate but, as even Keir Starmer said at the weekend, we should put that on pause while there is war in Europe.

“It’s essential that we all fully support what the UK Government is doing. In light of Russia’s appalling actions, the government and Prime Minister need our backing, and they have mine and the whole Scottish Conservative party.

“We should all be focused on what we can do to help the Ukrainian people in any capacity.”

The Prime Minister refused to be drawn over the ongoing police investigation into lockdown breaches at Number 10 and the calls for him to resign from Scottish Conservative MSPs during a visit to Scotland last month.