Scottish MPs to keep wearing face masks at Westminster

The final session of PMQs ahead of Westminster's summer recess takes place on Wednesday.

Scottish MPs to keep wearing face masks at Westminster Parliament TV

Scottish MPs have indicated that they will continue to wear face masks at Westminster, despite coronavirus restrictions being eased in England.

On Monday, most legal restrictions were lifted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the country- however, Covid regulations remain in place in Scotland.

It comes ahead of the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons on Wednesday.

There were suggestions that Conservative MPs would seek to pack the chamber for Johnson’s final PMQs before the summer recess, however he is currently in self-isolation after health secretary Sajid Javid tested positive for Covid.

New guidelines for Westminster, which came into force on Monday, make mask-wearing compulsory for staff but only “encouraged” for MPs.

Labour’s shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray said that it was “extraordinary” that Conservative MPs would go against what they are advising the public.

He explained that Labour will still maintain one metre social distancing on their side of the Chamber and will continue to wear masks.

“It’s clear that infection rates are running very high so people should still distance where they can and wear masks,” he said.

“It’s extraordinary that Conservative MPs would go against what they are advising the public but, as with most things during this pandemic, it has been one rule for them and one for everyone else.”

Liberal Democrat MP Wendy Chamberlain said her party has been “cognisant” of the need to align with Scottish public health regulations whilst attending Westminster.

“All Scottish Liberal Democrat MPs will be continuing to wear face masks in the chamber and throughout the parliamentary estate,” she said.

“We have been cognisant throughout the pandemic of the need to align with Scottish regulations when in attendance at Westminster ensuring that we are playing our part in minimising transmission.

“We will continue to observe the current measures in order to keep everyone safe whilst ensuring we represent our constituents effectively.”

An SNP spokesperson said: “SNP MPs are committed to keeping the working environment as safe as possible by maintaining social distancing as far as possible and continuing to wear face masks.”

The Scottish Conservatives have been approached for a comment.