Salmond says Scotland at ‘pivotal moment’ ahead of manifesto launch

The Alba Party is standing more than 100 candidates for council seats around Scotland.

Scotland at ‘pivotal moment’ says Alex Salmond as Alba Party launches manifesto Getty Images

Former first minister Alex Salmond is due to launch the Alba Party’s local election manifesto in Dundee on Tuesday.

The party will set out plans to double the winter fuel payment for pensioners and other proposals to help households with fuel bills.

Alba is standing more than 100 candidates for council seats around Scotland.

Two Scottish MPs and a number of councillors are members of the Alba Party, though it failed to win any MSPs in last year’s Holyrood election.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Salmond said: “Scotland stands at a pivotal moment in its history.

“Council budgets are facing challenges, as never before, while one in four children live in poverty.

“Household incomes are under unprecedented financial pressure as families face a cost-of-living crisis which is squeezing household budgets to breaking point.

“One third of families are facing fuel poverty in our land of energy plenty.”

He continued: “The sex-based rights of women and girls are under concerted and increasing attack.

“Our manifesto will set out Alba’s specific pledges on how we can make life better for all households and for every community.

“However, the focus of this manifesto reflects three key themes: taking real action on independence as an urgent necessity; tackling the cost of living crisis; and standing up for women and girls.”