Rennie: Time to build bridges to rebuild Scotland

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader was speaking ahead of Thursday’s Scottish Parliament election.

Rennie: Time to build bridges to rebuild Scotland PA Media

Scottish Liberal Democrats leader Willie Rennie has issued a direct appeal to supporters of other parties to back him in Thursday’s Holyrood election, to “build bridges to rebuild Scotland”.

Throughout the election campaign Rennie has argued politicians should be focused on the country’s coronavirus recovery – not the constitution.

He made a direct appeal to those who had voted for other parties in the past to give him their support this time round.

Speaking on a campaign visit to Edinburgh Zoo, Rennie said: “The pandemic has torn through our lives.

“We owe it to every family who has lost someone and every child who has missed out on education to try to bring the country back together and focus on the recovery.”

He added: “Over the course of this campaign I have been disappointed by how little the other parties seem prepared to reach out to those who don’t already agree with them.

“I want to extend a hand to people who have voted SNP in the past but recognise now is not the moment for a referendum.

“I want to extend a hand to people who have voted Conservative who are disappointed to see Ruth Davidson replaced by the dark and divisive Douglas Ross.

“I want to extend a hand to the majority of Green supporters who recognise that the climate emergency is more important than a few more votes for independence.

“I want to build bridges to rebuild Scotland.

“If voters elect Liberal Democrat MSPs on Thursday we can make sure that the next five years are focused on recovery, not division.”