Police can be tested for Covid-19 even if symptom-free

Officers can be tested if they have a Covid-19 'interaction' and get the go ahead from Police Scotland HR.

Police can be tested for Covid-19 even if symptom-free SNS

Police officers in Scotland can be tested for coronavirus if they fear an attack has put them at risk of the disease – even if they have no symptoms.

Community safety minister Ash Denham said there is “no barrier to accessing testing”, though officers will first have to contact Police Scotland’s HR department for them to determine if checking them is “appropriate”.

Tory MSP Alexander Stewart pressed her on the issue in Holyrood, saying “unfortunately some officers report being spat at and coughed at in a disgusting attempt to spread coronavirus”.

Ms Denham said when officers have such a Covid-19 “interaction” the force can “offer facilities for an assessment and where appropriate a test”.

The minister confirmed they “do not have to be symptomatic in order to access that testing”.

She stressed: “Any police officer that has a Covid interaction, if they are concerned about that, as many of them would be, even if they are not symptomatic they can go and speak to Police Scotland HR and they can get access to a test.

“There is no barrier to accessing testing.

“The police are at the front-lines of this, they are out there putting themselves at risk on a daily basis in order to keep the rest of us safe.

“We want them to have confidence that if they are concerned they can get access to testing, we would expect them to be able to do that.”

Ms Denham added: “Any police officer or member of staff who is concerned about their health or their well-being following an assault of any kind to do with the Covid-19 situation, what they need to do is contact Police Scotland’s HR department to be risk assessed and following that a decision would be made on whether testing is appropriate for that individual.”

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