Tory minister named in partygate interference resigns over ‘apathy’

In a scathing letter to the Prime Minister, Zac Goldsmith accused Rishi Sunak directly of being 'simply uninterested' in climate issues.

Lord Zac Goldsmith named in partygate interference report resigns from Government over its ‘apathy’ on environment Getty Images

Foreign Office minister Lord Goldsmith has announced his resignation over what he described as Government “apathy” towards the environment.

In a scathing letter to the Prime Minister on Friday, the Tory peer accused Rishi Sunak directly of being “simply uninterested” in climate issues.

The departure comes just a day after the peer was censured in a report by the Privileges Committee which named Boris Johnson allies said to have put “improper pressure” on its investigation into his Partygate lies to Parliament.

Lord Goldsmith wrote: “Prime Minister, having been able to get so much done previously, I have struggled even to hold the line in recent months.

“The problem is not that the Government is hostile to the environment, it is that you, our Prime Minister, are simply uninterested. That signal, or lack of it, has trickled down through Whitehall and caused a kind of paralysis.”

He added: “This Government’s apathy in the face of the greatest challenge we have faced makes continuing in my current role untenable. “

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