Labour mayor Andy Burnham: 'The UK needs to be completely rewired'

The Mayor of Greater Manchester was speaking at an Edinburgh Festival Fringe event.

Labour mayor Andy Burnham: ‘The UK needs to be completely rewired’ STV News

Scotland should have “as close as you can get to home rule”, according to Andy Burnham.

The Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester made the case as he called for further devolution in the UK.

Speaking at an Edinburgh Festival Fringe event, Burnham stated that he is opposed to Scottish independence.

However, he indicated that in the event of another referendum, there must be a “much better alternative” on offer.

This would include a “completely rewired Westminster”, the former MP said, with a replacement for the House of Lords.

Burnham was interviewed by Neil Findlay, a former Scottish Labour MSP, at the Fringe on Tuesday.

He told the audience that being a mayor for the last five years had given him “more of a perspective” on the independence debate.

“This country, the UK needs to be completely rewired, there needs to be a redistribution of power,” he said.

“I understand how, for Scotland, just saying: ‘OK, the status quo but with a bit more devolution’ is not an answer if there’s to be another referendum.

“You have to have a much better alternative next time and that for me is a completely rewired Westminster where I would say a proportional representation for the Commons, a Senate of the nations and regions elected to replace the House of Lords.

“Much more devolution out of the whole thing, as close as you can get to home rule for Scotland I would say.”

Burnham also underlined his opposition to any suggestion of a border within the UK.

He said: “I never want to see a border across the top of the north of England and Scotland in my lifetime.”