Corbyn: 'Not right for Westminster to say no to independence referendum'

The former Labour leader said a vote is 'absolutely the right thing to do' if people in Scotland demand it.

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Not right for Westminster to say no to independence referendum’ STV News

Jeremy Corbyn has said that an independence referendum is “absolutely the right thing to do” if the people of Scotland demand it.

The former Labour leader insisted it is wrong for the government at Westminster to say that Scots cannot have a choice on the issue.

Corbyn, who is now an independent MP, was speaking at an Edinburgh Festival Fringe event on Tuesday.

The Scottish Government has set out its intention to hold another vote on independence in October next year.

In an interview with Times journalist Graham Spiers, Corbyn agreed with calls for another vote to be held.

“If the people of Scotland, the Scottish parliament demand a referendum, then that’s absolutely the right thing to do,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s right for the Westminster government to say no, you cannot have a choice. You have to have a choice. You have got to do it with your eyes open.

“What’s the economic option that’s on offer? What’s the relationship that could be and would a federal settlement work better?”  

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said that, as a private citizen, Corbyn was entitled to his views “on a range of subjects”.