Inquiry into lockdown’s impact on vulnerable people

The impact of coronavirus on domestic abuse victims and older people will be investigated by a Holyrood committee.

The impact of the coronavirus lockdown on vulnerable groups including domestic abuse victims and older people will be investigated by a Holyrood committee.

MSPs on the Equalities and Human Rights Committee will hear from Scottish Women’s Aid and black and minority ethnic women’s refuge Shakti about the impact of the lockdown restrictions on domestic abuse victims.

Thursday’s evidence session will also feature representatives from Age Scotland discussing the effect of social isolation on older people, as well as the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

Ahead of the meeting, committee convener Ruth Maguire said: “This pandemic has changed everyone’s lives immeasurably, but it is clear that the human cost of the virus and some of the responses to it has been disproportionately negative for some groups.


“The committee has already received correspondence about the fact that individuals from particular ethnic minorities are being hospitalised at higher rates than the general population while women and young people are at increased risk of contracting the virus as they are disproportionately likely to be key workers.

“Meanwhile, women, children, older and disabled people have been effectively cut off from support networks due to the lockdown restrictions.

“Now that the Scottish Government has published its route map out of lockdown, we want to ensure that ministers and other public bodies continue to monitor the impact of their decisions and ensure that measures taken in relation to the pandemic minimise negative effects on equality and human rights.” 

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