Yousaf faces FMQs amid ongoing police probe into SNP finances

The FM is likely to be faced with a barrage of questions on the ongoing investigation from opposition parties.

Humza Yousaf is set to face MSPs at Holyrood against a backdrop of mounting pressure on the SNP, as an investigation into party finances progresses.

The First Minister will likely be met with a barrage of questions on the police probe into allegations of missing funds by the opposition following the resignation of treasurer Colin Beattie after his arrest.

He joined former chief executive – and husband of ex-FM Nicola Sturgeon – Peter Murrell in being questioned by Police Scotland, while documents and a vehicle have been seized.

And the party faces a race against time to hire a new auditor for its accounts to meet the May 31 deadline, or lose out on £1.2m of public funding.

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