‘No indication’ children’s hospital deaths are linked

The health secretary's comments follow news police are investigating one of the deaths.

Timetable: Jeane Freeman said inquiry head will be in place by Christmas STV
Timetable: Jeane Freeman said inquiry head will be in place by Christmas

The health secretary has said there is “no indication” that the deaths of two children at a ‘super hospital’ in Glasgow are linked.

Jeane Freeman spoke to STV News following the news the death of a young boy who died just weeks before another child at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is being investigated by police.

The three-year-old boy died at the hospital in August 2017, 21 days before the death of ten-year-old girl Milly Main.

Milly’s death is being linked to a water contamination scare at the hospital.


The allegations relating to Milly were made to Anas Sarwar and have been described by the Labour politician as a “heartbreaking human tragedy”.

The girl’s parents were reportedly not told about the link, which emerged following investigations into infections in children in the cancer wards at the Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) in Glasgow two years ago.

A major inquiry is now under way at the scandal hit so-called ‘super hospital’.

“There is no indication that there is a connection between those two deaths,” Ms Freeman said.


“In terms of that young boy’s family, it is my understanding that his family were given full information about what happened in his case, the cause of his death and so on, and were fully informed and involved.”

“But in the case of Milly Main, that was not what happened and it is not acceptable that her mum found out that at least one of the factors in her daughter’s death was an infection when she read the death certificate.

“She should have been informed of all that much earlier by the board and that is the matters that we need to get behind and we need to sort out.”

Despite calls from other parties for her resignation, Ms Freeman said her focus was to get answers for families affected.

“My job is to focus on what needs to be done and in these instances it is to absolutely focus to make sure, as I have been doing for a number of months, that families get the answers to questions they legitimately have and that they are entitled to.

“I will continue to have that focus and to work in order to do that.”

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