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SNP to unveil energy bill saving plans on campaign trail

Nicola Sturgeon will unveil SNP plans to help households save on energy bills.

 <strong>Nicola Sturgeon</strong>
Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon will unveil SNP plans to help households save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills on a campaign visit to East Renfrewshire.

The First Minister will join Kirsten Oswald, SNP candidate for East Renfrewshire, to meet voters and activists at Cafe Roma in Clarkston on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign chairman Alex Cole-Hamilton and Edinburgh North and Leith candidate Bruce Wilson will be canoeing down the Water of Leith helping clear up plastic to highlight the party’s commitment to improving the environment and developing a sustainable future.

On Saturday the party announced a pledge to plant 60 million a trees every year.

Posting on social media the Liberal Democrats said: “We’re pursuing an ambitious plan to plant 60 million trees every year.

“Planting trees is one of the best ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere & is vital for achieving net-zero GHG emmissions.”

Scottish Conservatives will be campaigning in Glasgow on Sunday and they have continued their stance against an independence referendum.

Posting on Twitter, Jackson Carlaw said: “The rocks will melt in the sun before a Conservative Government give Nicola Sturgeon her divisive IndyRef 2.”

On the campaign trail on Saturday Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard said: “Only a UK Labour government can end Universal Credit and the threat of evictions that it poses – starting with immediate action to scrap the two-child cap, the rape clause and punitive sanctions.”

Speaking ahead of the visit to East Renfrewshire, Ms Sturgeon said: “If elected, SNP MPs will push for legislation to tackle some of the financial pressures facing families, and which are being made worse by Brexit, including bringing forward a scheme to help households save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

“With households spending around 30bn on gas and electricity each year, an average of around £1,123, the introduction of a national switching service will help to alleviate some of the financial strains facing households and to ensure people get the best deal possible.”

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