Repatriated Brexit powers 'go to London' not Scotland

The Scottish and Welsh governments will try to attempt to amend the Brexit plans.

Holyrood: A number of devolevd areas are jointly governed with the EU.
Holyrood: A number of devolevd areas are jointly governed with the EU.

The Scottish and Welsh governments will put forward plans to amend the legislation which will take the UK out of the European Union, the Scottish Government’s Brexit secretary has announced.

Michael Russell informed MSPs in a statement on Tuesday that instead of putting the bill to a consent vote, the devolved administrations will try and change the legislation instead.

The Brexit legislation passed its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday.

The UK Government plans on transferring all EU law onto the British statute book so that when the country leaves there are no gaps in the law.


A number of devolved areas, such as fishing and farming, are currently administered from Edinburgh but are largely governed from common European decision making.

The Scottish Government have accused their counterparts in London of enacting a “power grab” over these areas by giving responsibility to British ministers instead of devolved ones.

“Everything goes to London,” said Russell.

He added later in his speech: “The UK government’s approach isn’t about UK frameworks; it is about UK government frameworks, decided on, operated by and controlled within the UK government.”


The legislation will now go to the committee stage at Westminster with more than 100 amendments already tabled.

In response to Russell’s statement, Scottish secretary David Mundell said: “Claims of a power grab are simply nonsense. Holyrood will not lose any of the decision-making powers it currently exercises, indeed the Scottish Parliament will gain new decision making powers.

“Both the UK and Scottish governments agree that we will need UK-wide frameworks in some areas.

“It is vital we get this right.”

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