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Scotland has best GP to patient ratio in UK, statistics show

Northern Ireland has the poorest ratio in the UK with 1445 people for every one GP.

Doctors: The statistics show Scotland has the best GP to person ratio in the UK. <strong>Press Association</strong>
Doctors: The statistics show Scotland has the best GP to person ratio in the UK. Press Association

Scotland has more GPs per head of population than any other part of the UK, newly released statistics show.

The figures were released by the Scottish Government’s health secretary Shona Robison after the information was requested in a written question by SNP MSP Clair Haughey.

Northern Ireland proved to have the poorest GP to person ration in the UK with 1445 people to every one GP.

The Rutherglen MSP said the statistics show Scots are “better served” by GPs than in any other part of the United Kingdom.

Haughey said: “Under the SNP, NHS staff numbers have risen significantly, with more consultants, nurses and midwives and allied health professionals now delivering quality care for people across Scotland.

“These latest figures show that people in Scotland are much better served by GPs than they would be anywhere else in the UK – and we are committed to doing even more, increasing GP training places, and further increasing the number of people working in GP surgeries.”

The Scottish Government has however come under pressure in recent months over GP satisfaction with the health service.

A survey of General Practioners showed 90% believed that morale had fallen in the last five years and that over a quarter planned to leave the health service by 2021.

Before the recent Holyrood election STV’s political editor Bernard Ponsonby quizzed SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon over the survey and her manifesto plans for GP training places.

The NHS is ran autonomously in each of the four Home Nations. Scotland’s NHS has been administered independently since 1948.

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