Who is Ruth Davidson's secret crush? (Hint: It's not Murdo Fraser.)

The Scottish Conservative leader sat down with STV's Stephen Daisley.

She hates Scotland, you know. <strong>© HEMEDIA / SWNS Group</strong>
She hates Scotland, you know. © HEMEDIA / SWNS Group

My latest party leader interview is with Ruth Davidson, head of the Scottish Conservatives.

She talked to me about her campaign to offer strong opposition to the Nationalists at Holyrood.

That interview will be published in full later today.

First up, her answers to my quick-fire round.


Stephen Daisley (SD): Hillary or Bernie?

Ruth Davidson (RD): Hillary.

SD: Trump or Salmond?

RD: [actual gasp of horror] Oh God! I have literally no answer to that question. That is my answer.


SD: A box set marathon or sitting down with a good book?

RD: Both but for different reasons.

SD: Why do you hate Scotland?

RD: [laughs] I think my SNP opponents like to equate the SNP with Scotland. I don’t hate Scotland but I do challenge the SNP and they don’t like that.

SD: Dogs or cats?

RD: Dogs.

SD: Pugs or drugs?


RD: Pugs…?

SD: Have you never seen the T-shirt ‘Pugs not drugs’?

RD: No.

SD: Do you find Murdo Fraser as inexplicably attractive as I do?

RD: [laughs] No, but his wife’s hot. [laughs] Oh God, I said that out loud. [To her spin doctor] Sorry. She will not be down with that.

SD: Scotland or Britain?

RD: Both!

SD: Gogglebox or University Challenge?

RD: Both. Love them.

SD: You might have answered this final question already, but: Secret crush?

RD: Um… I don’t want to say the person that I actually fancy because they’re in Scottish public life so I can’t do that.

SD: Come on. I got Patrick Harvie to name his favourite multinational corporation.

RD: I’ll tell you after.

SD: Come on.

RD: My secret crush of a famous person that people will actually have heard of? I’m quite conventional. I really love Gillian Anderson.

SD: Oh God, so I do.

RD: Like, ever since she was Scully and I wasn’t even out then. It always surprised me but now I know. I love Gillian Anderson. I like red heads so I quite like Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren. But Gillian Anderson — totally, totally love that.

SD: Hell, even I do.

[We go off the record.]

[She tells me her actual secret crush.]

[I’m shocked. I’m appalled. I’m a little turned on.]

Stephen Daisley is STV’s digital politics and comment editor. All his crushes are perfectly normal: Married, heterosexual men. You can contact him at [email protected].

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