Wood Group wins £262m contract with Harbour Energy

The engineering and consulting business has said the deal will support hundreds of jobs in Aberdeen and elsewhere.

Wood Group wins £262m contract with Harbour Energy iStock

The Wood Group has won a 330 million dollar (£262 million) contract with the biggest producer of oil and gas in the UK’s North Sea waters, it said on Monday.

The engineering and consulting business said it had entered into a five-year contract with Harbour Energy, a deal it says will support hundreds of jobs in Aberdeen and elsewhere.

Wood said that it would provide engineering, procurement and construction services as well as operations and maintenance services to the business.

This will include ways of digitising and decarbonising Harbour’s offshore assets, the business said.

“We are incredibly proud to have been selected and trusted by Harbour Energy to partner with them across their North Sea assets,” said Wood’s executive president of operations Steve Nichol.

“We have worked on North Sea assets for more than 50 years and excel in designing and managing the complexity of energy infrastructure while at the same time seeking to minimise associated emissions.

“This new agreement and new contracts are testament to Wood’s role as a trusted technical partner to the energy companies of the future, where our priority is to help our clients deliver the energy the world needs and be able to transition to a low carbon future.”

The companies will have the option to extend the initial five-year contract by one year at a time up to another five years.

It will “support the employment of hundreds of people,” at Wood’s operations business in Aberdeen and offshore. Wood expects to start recruiting for new roles in 2024.

Harbour Energy vice president of supply chain Audrey Stewart said: “Harbour is excited to develop our relationship with Wood and the signing of this contract is an important step forward in establishing our suite of long-term strategic partnerships across our North Sea assets.”

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