Wandering wallaby escapes from petting zoo and spotted outside pub

Eddie spotted outside pub in New Deer, Aberdeenshire, after escaping from Waulkmill Menagerie on Monday.

Wandering wallaby escapes from petting zoo and spotted outside pub iStock

A young wallaby has escaped from its new home at a petting zoo in Aberdeenshire, just hours after arriving at the attraction.

Eddie, who is six months old, arrived at Waulkmill Menagerie near New Deer along with wallaby Edward, a giant tortoise and three meerkats on Sunday night.

But Eddie escaped through a small fence hole while the animals were being transferred into their paddock on Monday.

Nikki Johnstone, who runs the attraction, told STV News there had been several sightings of the young wallaby in recent days including at a local pub.

She said: “He was spotted not too long after escaping about a mile away from the attraction. He was then seen outside a pub in New Deer and the last sighting had him heading toward Cuminestown and Turriff.

“I cannot believe all the responses, the reaction on social media has been phenomenal with people sending in their suggestions.

“Finding him is one thing but catching him is another thing entirely, unless we find him in a confined area we have no chance.

“We can’t go wandering through the fields looking for him so hopefully he turns up in somebody’s garden shed or something.

“I’m totally gutted and really worried for him. he will be cold and scared. He’s not aggressive, he’s only about 10 inches off the ground so people don’t have to be worried.