Two surfers rescued by RNLI after being swept out to sea

The two experienced surfers were uninjured but exhausted, having been in the water for two hours.

Two surfers have been rescued after being swept out to sea near Aberdeen.

The RNLI launched two lifeboats around 9am on Sunday to rescue the pair following a call from a member of the public concerned for their safety.

The surfers had paddled out beyond the surf line and were being swept out to sea and were unable to make their way back due to a combination of tide and wind against them.

Inshore lifeboat ‘Buoy Woody 85N’ was first on scene with a crew of three, having been guided to the surfers location – around half a mile offshore at the Footdee end of Aberdeen beach – by Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team volunteers ashore.

The two experienced surfers were uninjured but said they were both exhausted, having been in the water for almost two hours. 

They and their equipment were taken aboard the lifeboat to be returned to shore.

With conditions worsening, it was decided the safest means of rescue would be to transfer the surfers to all-weather lifeboat ‘Bon Accord’, which had arrived at the scene in the calmer water beyond the surf line.

Cal Reed, Aberdeen Lifeboat’s coxswain, said: “We took the surfers on board ‘Bon Accord’ and our casualty care-qualified crew confirmed they were none the worse for their experience – but grateful for the offer of assistance from the lifeboat.”

“The member of the public who made the initial phone call did the right thing: if you think you see someone in difficulty at sea, always call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

“Bon Accord returned the surfers and their equipment to the lifeboat berth in Aberdeen Harbour where they met the Coastguard Rescue Team around 9.20am.

“The lifeboats were washed down and readied for further service by 10am.”