Mischievous dolphins captured knocking windsurfer off board

The dolphins were spotted playing near the windsurfer after he was knocked off his board in Aberdeen.

Mischievous dolphins have been spotted knocking a windsurfer off their board off the coast of Aberdeen.

The pod was seen playing near the unsuspecting surfer before he fell into the water, with the feat filmed by tour operator Ricky Greenhowe.

The skipper, who runs Aberdeen Harbour Tours, said he has seen dolphins up to mischief a number of times over his seven years in the job – so he was delighted to capture the scene on video.

Mr Greenhowe, 49, told STV News: “That’s the golden shot. Lots of people have had a giggle about it.

“I was watching the video back and, right enough, it was dolphins that had knocked him off.

“The dolphins are always up to silly things.

“They swim in amongst the paddleboarders. They throw themselves up to the boat to soak people and chuck seaweed and fish on board. They are really intelligent mammals.

“There’s no aggression, no devilment, just the dolphins having fun out on the water.”