Choir helping people with dementia unlock memories celebrates ten years

The Total Recall Memories Choir is made up of those with the disease, their family, carers and volunteers. 

A choir that has been helping support people in Dundee following a dementia diagnosis is celebrating its tenth anniversary.  

Total Recall Memories Choir is made up with those with the disease, their family, carers and volunteers.  

For Stan Kelly, music has always played an important part of his life, including meeting his late wife Cathy.

He said: “The one I was singing when I saw Cathy… ‘When I Fall in Love.’

“I was singing it at the Palais with Andy Lothian’s band and she danced past and I fell off the stage.” 

He’s been a member of the choir since it started, and is a friendly face for new members like Marie Dellanzo.

She said: “It’s helped me because I’ve been meeting people, whereas before I was only meeting my family.

“And they’re all so friendly and it gets you out of yourself and you look forward to it.” 

This year, members and volunteers are celebrating a decade since the choir first formed.  

Denise Main is a member of the committee and said it makes a vital difference for older people.

She added: “It’s been wonderful bringing people into the choir when they first get a diagnosis of dementia and seeing the difference in them when they start to sing.  

“Music make such a huge difference to these peoples lives. and the company, the socialisation of the group itself is just wonderful.” 

The Total Recall Memories Choir will perform at V&A Dundee on Friday August 11 in their first big concert since prior to the Covid pandemic.

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