Sailor injured after boat catches fire near historic castle

Rescue teams were scrambled to the incident near Dunnottar Castle after the vessel caught fire.

RNLI rescue injured sailor after boat catches fire near historic Dunnottar castle in Stonehaven RNLI Stonehaven

A sailor has been left with minor injuries after a boat caught fire near a historic castle off the coast of Aberdeenshire.

Shortly before 3pm on Monday, the RNLI Aberdeenshire Lifeboat, the RNLI “Jamie Hunter” Stonehaven Lifeboat and coastguard were called to the incident off Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven.

The person on board the vessel was the sole passenger and had left the ship on a life raft.

The Jamie Hunter traced the sailor in a small dinghy which was floating near the burning boat.

The casualty was assessed having received minor injuries as a result of the blaze and then taken back to Stonehaven harbour where an ambulance was waiting.

The RNLI said that the lifeboats stayed on scene to monitor the burning vessel before it washed up at Dunnottar.

A spokesperson for RNLI Stonehaven said: “About 2.50pm, May 15 the “Jamie Hunter” and Aberdeen Lifeboat RNLI were tasked to a boat on fire just off Dunnottar Castle.

“Stonehaven inshore lifeboat launched immediately and traced a casualty in a small dingy floating near the burning boat. 

“The casualty was assessed and taken back to Stonehaven harbour where an ambulance was waiting to treat the casualty, who had minor injuries. 

“The lifeboats stayed on scene to monitor whilst the vessel burned.

“Sad to see such a fabulous vessel burn but thankfully no one was seriously hurt.”

A spokesperson for HM Coastguard said: “HM Coastguard coordinated rescue of one person from a vessel which caught fire off the coast off Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven.

“The alarm was raised at about 2.50pm on Monday May 15, with the RNLI inshore lifeboat dispatched from Stonehaven to pick up the casualty, the only person on board, who had abandoned ship to a life raft.

“The Coastguard helicopter from Aberdeen was sent but returned to base after the casualty was picked up by the RNLI.

“The Stonehaven Coastguard Rescue Team and a crew from the Scottish Ambulance Service were sent to meet the lifeboat at Stonehaven harbour.

“Montrose Coastguard Rescue Team went to Dunnottar to make the scene safe where the boat washed up.”