Police vehicles damaged and objects thrown at officers at 'car meet'

Police said that the majority of attendees 'behaved responsibly'.

Police vehicles damaged and objects thrown at officers at ‘unofficial car meet’ at Aberdeen beach Google Maps

Two people were arrested and dozens were fined after an “unofficial car meet” in which police vehicles were damaged and officers had items thrown at them

On Saturday July 15, Police Scotland were made aware of the meet up at Aberdeen beach.

While police said that most attendees “behaved responsibly”, two men, aged 31 and 21, were arrested in connection with road traffic offences and released pending further enquiries.

A further 29 road traffic offences, including speeding and careless driving, were detected and drivers were issued fixed penalties.

A total of 13 drivers were issued with warnings for various offences and anti-social behaviour.

Chief  inspector Simon Reid added: “During the event a number of individuals on scramblers and bikes attended and caused damage to police vehicles and threw items at officers deployed to the event.

“No officers were injured.”

“This sort of behaviour is utterly unacceptable, reckless and dangerous. Our enquiries are ongoing into the incidents of disorder.”

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