Pensioner charged after four lambs killed in sheep-worrying incident

Police have reminded dog owners to keep their animals restrained on a lead around livestock following the incident.

Pensioner charged after four lambs killed in Moray sheep worrying incident involving dog iStock

A pensioner has been charged following a sheep-worrying incident, in which four lambs were killed.

The incident occurred between March 21 and April 12 in Keith, Moray.

Police said a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal and the 73-year-old man is expected to appear in court at a later date.

Following the incident, officers have reminded dog owners to keep their pets on a lead while around livestock.

“Under the legislation owners of dogs attacking and worrying livestock can now be imprisoned and fined up to £40,000,” said police constable Hannah Corbett, wildlife crime and environmental officer.

“The dog does not have to physically attack the sheep to cause them extreme stress or death.

“Farmers are legally entitled to protect their livestock, which can result in the destruction of a dog by being shot.

“Whilst no farmer wants to resort to this option, it is legal, though it could be easily avoided if owners ensure that their dogs are controlled around livestock.

“When you are walking dogs near livestock, please ensure that your dog is kept under control, restrained on a lead, even if you can usually trust it to recall.”

Anyone wishing to report instances of livestock worrying can do so by contacting 101 or using the “contact us” form on the Police Scotland website.