‘No more lockdown’ protest calls spark police response

Scotland's lockdown was ordered to stop spread of coronavirus on March 23.

‘No more lockdown’ protest calls spark police response Fubar News

Police have been called to deal with a group of lockdown protesters in Aberdeen.

The objectors took to the city’s Castlegate with a banner which read: “No more lockdown”.

Scotland’s lockdown was initiated to curtail the spread of coronavirus on the evening of March 23.

It has resulted in the country’s pubs and restaurants shutting, as well as restrictions on people’s movements.

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This week First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that while the response lockdown has been “absolutely superb”, people risked “devastating consequences” if they started easing off.

In a statement, Police Scotland said the group in Aberdeen was given advice.

“Police were called around 3.05 pm on Saturday, May 2, after a small group of people gathered at the Castlegate, Aberdeen,” a spokeswoman said.

“The group was spoken to and advice given.”

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