Moray Council agrees to support Afghan families resettling

Local authority says around 20 people may be relocated to the Moray region as part of resettlement programme.

Moray Council agrees to support Afghan families resettling

Moray Council has agreed to support Afghan families being resettled in the UK.

The local authority says a dedicated resettlement team will be temporarily employed, through UK Home Office funding, to co-ordinate multiple schemes aimed at meeting the needs of families arriving in the area.

Agreement is being sought with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to use up to ten vacant houses in Moray as initial housing for Afghan families.

Around 20 people may be relocated to the region as part of the resettlement programme.

Councillor Shona Morrison, Moray council convener, said: “It’s heartening to see members united in the recognition of our ability here in Moray to assist Afghan citizens through the various resettlement schemes.

“The funding we’ll be eligible for will go towards ensuring the wellbeing and support for Afghan families arriving in Moray, including education services, housing and any urgent needs they may have.

“As a local authority, we’re committed to welcoming and supporting all relocated citizens, including unaccompanied asylum seeking children, to Moray to provide a safe and supportive home environment and I hope all residents join us in doing so.”

The Scottish Government announced earlier this month it will offer £250,000 to help those in need after the western military presence came to an end in Afghanistan.

External affairs secretary Angus Robertson said around 160 Afghan refugees have arrived in Scotland since June this year.