Crews still battling large scale blaze at Altens recycling plant

Almost 30 appliances were deployed to tackle the flames at one point on Saturday when the initial fire became 'reignited'.

Fire crews still battling large scale blaze at Altens recycling plant in Aberdeen two days on SFRS

Fire crews remain on the scene of a large scale blaze at a waste recycling plant in Aberdeen two days after the initial outbreak.

Three appliances remain at the Suez facility in the Altens area following the “reignition” of the flames on Saturday afternoon.

Responders initially beat back the blaze on Friday before leaving the scene at around 10.00pm – only for it to return shortly after midnight.

Almost 30 appliances were scrambled from locations across the North East to help in the operation while video footage showed a plume of thick smoke emanating from the smouldering wreckage of the plant.

Residents in the Cove Bay area lost water supply for a short period on Saturday due to the amount being used by crews.

SFRS bosses said it was likely they would remain on site for the remainder of the day.

“Crews continue to deal with a fire at a recycling centre in Altens industrial estate, Aberdeen, which started on Friday,” a statement said.

“Three appliances remain, including a high volume water pump to help reduce pressure on local water supplies. We expect to remain on site for the rest of the day.”

No one was thought to be injured in the incident and the cause of the fire remains unknown.

John Wilkinson, regional director for Suez recycling and recovery UK said: “We would like to thank the SFRS for their efforts to manage the fire throughout the night and we apologise for the disruption to our neighbours and the local community.”