Customers left feeling ‘short changed’ at 5ft high ATM

Bank customers looking to lift money from a cash machine in Arbroath have been left feeling 'short changed' after they can't reach the key pad.

Bank customers looking to lift money from a cash machine in Arbroath are left feeling ‘short changed’ after they can’t reach the key pad.

Users have been seen stretching to reach the machine that is situated more than 5ft from the ground.

One woman, who has to stand on her tip toes to reach it, says it gives her children a ‘good laugh’ when she struggles to lift money out.

Speaking to STV News she said: “It’s just a good giggle to be honest because I am so small.

“The kids get a good laugh watching me as well as I can’t see the screen and have to stand on my tip toes and just guess what I am pressing.

“And when people who visit the town, who have never seen it before, see it they can’t believe it and think it is a good laugh.

“I think it should stay, why change it? I think they should leave it as it is.”

Those unable to reach the Royal Bank of Scotland cash machine don’t need to travel long for an alternative with another, reasonable sized machine, situated just around the corner.

But another customer believes they have to change it after watching others struggle.

He said: “It is too high, especially if you are a wee bit short.

“There is people that really struggle to get money out of there, I think it will have to come down.”

A spokesman for the bank said: “We don’t want to ‘come up short’ in offering our customers access to cash. However, we recognise that in this case it’s a bit of a stretch and that’s why we offer another ATM at a lower height just around the corner.”