Coronavirus ‘worse than cancer diagnosis’ says survivor

Elaine Douglas fell ill with coronavirus on March 6 and is in recovery.

Coronavirus ‘worse than cancer diagnosis’ says survivor

An Aberdeen woman has been speaking out in praise of NHS staff who saved her life after she contracted Covid-19.

Elaine Douglas fell ill with coronavirus on March 6.

The 58-year-old says staff at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary gave her the best care but she could see they were already under immense pressure.

Elaine, who has underlying health conditions, is warning the public not to take any chances.

‘’I self isolated myself for just over a week, with the symptoms of the coronavirus, which were the cough, the fever, the sickness, the diarrhoea and it went on until a week past this Sunday when I couldn’t breathe.

“So I phoned, I was rushed in and confirmed to have the coronavirus, so I had inflammation and a blood clot on my lung.”

When she was told she had Covid 19, the former post office worker said hearing the news felt worse than when she was diagnosed with cancer.

“It’s such an uncertain thing and there’s not a lot of knowledge about it.”

Elaine is full of praise for the NHS staff who cared for her and feels very lucky she’s survived.

“You could see for yourself they were under a lot of strain, they are overworked, under-appreciated and they’re still devoted to what they do, they’re constantly washing and changing into their masks, aprons, gloves.”

“Everything’s kept immaculately clean. They’re definitely going to be under a lot more strain, they’re actually opening up a ward with other beds because they’re expecting more if people they don’t self isolate.”

“I feel sorry for all those families who’ve lost loved ones.”